Take charge of your company’s future with a strategic plan from Millington & Associates.

Our unique perspective fuses the latest academic business thinking with real-world experience.

We've helped businesses throughout Ontario and Canada from accounting firms to construction companies map out a plan for success and realize that vision with tangible, clear financial results using our Millington Model®.

Business Strategy

Using the Millington Model, Millington can complement your knowledge of the organization with our third-party view, providing key industry insights, best practices, emerging trends, and vast relevant experience from other industries to allow your business to set a course for the future with confidence.

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Sales & Marketing

In order to keep the engine of your business humming, your organization’s marketing function must be finely tuned to your industry and customers. The sales department is the lifeblood of the organization, but can be a difficult group to manage and keep motivated. How do you set these front-line troops up for success?

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Communications & Governance

A proper communications strategy is key to public and internal relations in any organization. With a clear communications strategy, your message is clean and focused. With no strategy, you are leaving your company without a plan in a crisis situation, and forgoing valuable marketing opportunities in day-to-day operations.

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