“…You’ve set up one of the most important meetings of the year…”

Meeting Facilitation

You've set up one of the most important meetings of the year: people are flying in, hotel rooms are booked, and the catering has been arranged. Unless you have a well-trained meeting facilitator on staff, all of your preparations may amount to little more than putting in some "face-time."

This is where we come in: One third of Millington & Associates' business is assisting Boards and management teams in various forums.  Our extensive academic and real-world experience as meeting facilitators will ensure that your meeting stays on target and discussed items are followed up after everyone has gone home.  Our team facilitates over 75 days per year.

Our expert facilitators are well equipped with tools for any type of meeting, testing your boardroom's limits for creating clear progress, direction, and communication. Our approach is:

  • To assist the client by ensuring the meeting stays on time and task - which allows the client to fully participate in the discussions if desired
  • To ensure critical items that are not part of the agenda are noted for appropriate action - this eliminates time lost on tangents
  • As required, to provide best practices based on our industry experience and academic research
  • To act in the capacity of a referee (to be a silent observer if the meeting is moving effectively and to act quickly to get it back on track if the meeting moves away from its objective)
  • To facilitate elements of the sessions (i.e. The SWOT analysis) to ensure its effective conclusion