“…Succession plans are critical for every business...”

Succession Planning

Succession planning is essential for any business that has a long-term plan: whether a one-person firm to a large corporation, everyone needs a succession plan. The plan allows stakeholders to be more comfortable about retiring or selling their business, and shareholders and clients to be more comfortable about letting them go, among other concerns.

Using our custom Millington Model, Millington & Associates will carefully craft your succession plan. We'll ask and answer questions like these:

  • How does the company successfully plan for the changing of the guard?
  • What is the development plan or targeted individuals to fill future roles?
  • What is the short-term and long term succession plan for each critical role?
  • How do you get executives to plan for the unthinkable, a life without work?

At Millington, we can help your company put the steps in place to safely transition through difficult turnovers at the top through:

  • Succession Planning for Boards & Management
  • Long-Term & Short-Term Planning
  • Identification of Key Resources
  • Exit Strategies for Publicly Traded & Private Businesses