About Us

Steve Howse & Associates
Millington & Associates was launched by Steve Howse after fifteen years spent in a management role in the telecom and IT industry. Now his time is split between family, clients, and teaching at the DeGroote School of Business at McMaster University. His associates are drawn from a diverse network of highly skilled specialists who work within fields such as human resources, finance, valuation, legal and business.

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The Millington Model
The core business of Millington & Associates is assisting organizations with strategic and long-term business planning using the Millington Model, a matrix developed by Steve based on his years of experience and industry and theoretical expertise in academia. Once areas of improvement and plans have been focused using the Millington Model, Millington & Associates stays in touch with their clients to ensure that projects are followed through and plans realized. It is this hands-on stewardship that is the distinguishing factor that Millington brings to the table.
The Millington Model brings together the best practices of practical experience in the business world with the lessons learned in academia for a hands-on strategy that gets results.

Minimal Ongoing Fees
At Millington & Associates, our focus is to come into your organization, identify your strategies using the Millington Model, and leave your company richer from the experience. We will check in from time to time to ensure that things are going according to plan, but are not interested in long-term management fees. Millington is interested in getting your business working.

Results and Referrals

90% of Millington's business comes from referrals given by past and current clients, most of which they keep in touch with on a regular basis. Referrals are driven by results, which Millington drives to their clients every time.

A gentleman by the name of Robert Millington-Howse and his family immigrated from England to Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ontario. He opened a general store but decided that a hyphenated name would be too long, so he named the store "M. Howse General Store".

His son, Roberts, eventually took over the family business. His greatest passions were his family and his community. While serving on Town Council for twenty years, he kept the store open seven days per week in order to meet the needs of his customers. His compassion was without bounds. During many economic downturns, the M. Howse General Store offered extended credit up to a year, without interest, so families would always have food on the table and gas for their automobiles.

The gentlemen mentioned above were Steve's great-grandfather and grandfather respectively. Although he never met either of these men, he has been told that he inherited many of his grandfather’s characteristics including his sense of humour, ability to grasp many diverse concepts quickly, the ability to facilitate a room and, most importantly, his passion for family and community. They were both great men and  Steve is honoured to carry on the family name not just personally, but in the form of Millington & Associates.